What is fine art album?
        It is a relic for your memories.

        Fine art albums are often ordered after the photos are ready and this is a massive relic holding all of your memories of the day in your bookshelf.

        Depending on the choice of volume, size and material there are several different ways to go but the album always consists of thick pages that have flat opening spreads and a story bringing back all the feelings you felt on that special day.

        Photos are printed on museum worthy quality paper and intertwined into a perfect book by hand.

        What is there Special
        about an Album?








        Lay-flat binding



        Unparalleled difference compared to regular photo paper

        Thick matte paper with museum worthy quality that I recommend in two different versions. Smooth and pure white matte with 240g/m2 thickness or natural white without bleaching with a slight texture and containing cotton 310g/m2.

        Both materials are resistant to folding i.e. the folding parts of photos taking up 2 pages of the album will preserve their structure and color.

        Fine Art Inkjet 12 color latest technology

        Photos are printed into the album with the most advanced technology, analogous to the printers used for making replicas for art museums. This will ensure that the colors stay intact for decades to come.

        From rustic to luxury

        Choice for the material of the album cover gives you variety from linen fabrics up to the finest quality Italian leather. The offer of different tones and materials is around 50.

        A very important factor in the experience of viewing

        The pages open up into a consistent level all through the album. Folding line is almost unnoticeable and thus large photos taking up 2 pages at once seem extra impressive and powerful.

        Albums arrive in a textile cover and a specialized storage case

        Sizes from 20x20 cm up to 40x40 cm. Imagine opening a large album where a photo spreads over two pages measuring thus 40x80 cm.


        PS Available also sets of 1+2, that consist of the main album and two smaller format copies.

        Even though ordering a wedding album may be decided upon while booking a photographer, among all other wedding hustle it may fade into the background as a non urgent matter. That’s ok. How nice would it be to surprise your spouse with a wedding album on your 1st anniversary instead?!

        One factor I always keep in the back of my mind while taking wedding photos is how different individual frames could be linked together to tell a story on the pages of an album in the future. That means I start compiling your album already during your wedding day action. With that in mind I always try to capture lots of details, moments and surroundings that help convey the atmosphere and emotion of the day.
        Compiling an album may easily start after you receive your finished photos or even months or even a year after the wedding. First of all the size and number of pages of the album should be decided upon, then I can compile a blueprint and after getting your approval the album can be sent into production. I have designed albums for my couples with the cost anywhere between 450€-1200€.