I do not have a cute story to tell about myself running around with an old photo camera already in my toddler years. Actually the last two decades of my professional life were all about numbers and finance. I really did not loose interest in that all of a sudden but at one point I was ready for drastic changes and wanted to turn off my autopilot.
        Despite my tendency towards science I have always been drawn to visuals and elegant design.  I have carried around my camera and been interested in everything associated with that for 15 years already, but it all got a deeper meaning in the year 2009 when I first became a father. A little human being called Samuel started a drastic change in my understanding of the world and life in it. Existential wonderings of thought since then have shaped me more than any other experience. Interpreting the concept of time in the light of photography has made me realize more and more:
        This may sound terribly definitive but in the very end, besides all material, all we really have are our memories.
        This notion has followed me around and become more and more rooted to come to a realization that a mare object, picture or thing can convey dear memories. Lots of us have a black and white photo album in our bookshelf – childhood playground, home yard, laundry hanging from the rope, graduation, view of a group of homes today replaced by a shopping mall… At a moment a seemingly random frame may turn out to be the only visual truth. Truth about the fact of that moment. In years to come this may remain the only tangible connection to the past, a photo that awakens feelings, smells, senses. This may be the only physical thing to help us remember.
        That is why photography is so important.
        Todays technology enables us to create miraculous visuals, even perfection. Instead I seek for something organic, natural and real in a photo as this seems to me more genuine and more beautiful in its imperfection.
        I hope that the present reader has ended up here with similar understandings. I would be very glad to help you.
        — – —
        My work have been published several themed blogs and print magazines like Love My Dress, BOHO Weddings, Fly Away Bride, Intimate Weddings, MarryMAG, Harper’s Bazaar, WeddingsOnline Arab Emirates, Unistuste Pulmad 2014-2016, Anne&Stiil, Sensa

        What my

        Clients say


        Shona & Stephen


        Marlena & Kevin


        Gerttu & Tanel


        Laura & Erkki


        Kristi & Martin

        Hiiumaa, rural island in Estonia

        Gerry the photos are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!
        We are so so pleased with how they have turned out and want to thank you
        again so so much for being a part of it all and capturing our perfect day!
        We adore the photos!
        I was first chance to look at the wedding album....I LOVE IT!!!!! its absolutely stunning and has captured our wedding perfectly.

        We are so pleased we found you and you were able to be at our wedding! I would highly recommend you to anyone!

        Schloss Elmau, Bavaria, Germany

        Wow. Wow. Wow.

        My goodness.
        Thank you so much for your INCREDIBLE preview. We were so amazingly fortunate to have you with us to shoot our most special day.

        THANK YOU for capturing so beautifully our day. We are already recommending you to everyone we know...so if you ever feel like visiting the USA, you'd have plenty of clients!....

        I am made speechless by your talent.

        Tartu and Tammistu barn, South-Estonia

        It is totally unspeakably awesome how you have managed to be present everywhere and capture very precious moments. We will probably never be able to thank you enough!

        PS! Tanel just went to bed, his last words were: ”I like those pictures very much, even very-very much!”. And I am not kidding when I say this is a huge compliment coming from a man who is even less emotional than an average Estonian guy. He usually can describe everything good with on word – okay. That shows how great of a job you managed to do!

        Võhma and Olustvere, Estonia

        Thank you, thank you, thank you! The photos are gorgeous (!) and the first emotions they arise in us and our friends seeing them today at 5 AM in the night were powerful – like re-living the day once again. We would like to thank you. Very much. Your ability to find just the right moments, to guide us during the process without giving a strong sense of striking poses, it is something that fascinated us. You managed to remind us several details of that very hectic day that we had already forgotten about. Thank you for sticking to your own unique style. It was important for us that the photographer of our wedding would be passionate about his/her art and in your case this expectation was met 100%.

        Tallinn Old Town and restaurant 'Korsten Armastus ja Hea Toit'

        I trust you and I am confident we will be able to shoot great frames.


        I browsed through the photos yesterday and I am very glad that you were the one to shoot our wedding! So much awesome emotions! Lots of people have loved the photos very much. Thanks!