We decided to host our wedding away from your location and it is difficult to find a local photographer. Are you willing to travel?

        We are not comfortable being in the center of attention. To be honest we would not know how to behave in front of a camera…

        How many photos will we get from a whole day of a wedding?

        How much time should we be prepared to give for the photos to be ready?

        In what form shall we receive the end results of photos? Are large files included in the fee?

        Can we order our wedding photos in form of an actual album? Examples, prices?

        Do you carry extra equipment in case of a technical malfunction or breakage so our memories would not end up as digital waste?

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        Of course! One of the things I like about photography is to be able to do it in different surroundings, lighting and cultural settings. This is inspirational and gives creational power. In addition to homely Estonia I have shot several weddings in Norway, Italy, Germany, Finland etc. Travelling involves more preparations and time but I am used to it and willing to make the effort. The cost estimates of such trips are very unique depending on the destination and time needed, so every offer is made accordingly.