Sometimes I've been asked only couple of photos as a result of a session. I can't help myself. For me it is always important to put things into perspective and context, engaging with the surroundings and mood. That's why all of my stories include more than just a object.

        Wedding Wedding

        Kristi & Martin | Tallinn wedding photographer

        5. Nov 2018   If I try to find one word to describe Kristi and Martin wedding in Tallinn, I would choose the word: colourful. Colourful as the party in the night when I left them dancing. Tallinn wedding ...
        Wedding Wedding

        Laura & Erkki | Wedding photographer Estonia

        26. Feb 2018 Going into a couple or family session or even a wedding portrait session, there will pop up a question about location choice. To answer that, my favourite thing to ask from my couples is to think abou...
        Wedding Wedding

        Shona & Stephen | Estonia wedding photographer

        30. Jan 2018 Estonia wedding photographer Coming from mainland, riding with ferry, arriving at lonely corner of small island Hiiumaa, turning to the narrow road in the woods that didn't even exist on GPS map?! I ...
        san gimignano wedding photographer Wedding Wedding

        Theresa & Kaido | San Gimignano wedding photographer

        22. Jan 2018 It's truly amazing experience if couple finds a way to combine family vacation and wedding day in a place that is out of daily life routine. Theresa and Kaido, heartwarming and easygoing couple did ex...