It’s truly amazing experience if couple finds a way to combine family vacation and wedding day in a place that is out of daily life routine. Theresa and Kaido, heartwarming and easygoing couple did exactly that. As much travelled, they had found and fell love in medieval hill town San Gimignano which they wanted to show their closest family and friends. And not just show but spend a week under the iconic Tuscany sun, chilling in a beautiful villa, walking down to historic town and eating the world’s best gelato. You heard it right about gelato – there is a gelato shop in the centre of San Gimignano which owner has won Ice Cream World Championship multiple times. And it is goooood indeed. San Gimignano wedding photographer

        Can’t thank you enough to be part of these days and get the chance to be San Gimignano wedding photographer.

        Here is a glimpse to the mood of day before and the following wedding day.


        Day before



        Wedding day

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