Estonia wedding photographer

        Coming from mainland, riding with ferry, arriving at lonely corner of small island Hiiumaa, turning to the narrow road in the woods that didn’t even exist on GPS map?! I was little worried if I really am in the right place and Scottish-English wedding venue with 100+ guests is just about around next corner. Fortunately everything were correct. Private property in the middle of woods was just as exotic to the guests around the world as it was to me. Experiencing a international wedding in such a remote, quiet and wild place as Hiiumaa. Estonia wedding photographer

        Beautiful and warm couple, laid-back feeling inside out of this wedding made me remember it with gratitude in my heart. The background of Shona and Stephen’s wedding is very interesting how it was held in such place like Estonia. It is full of details, so I would like to let them talk by the help of following link: Shona & Stephen’s Incredible DIY Destination Wedding in Estonia

        Thank you for having me S & S!



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