Silje & Mihkel couple shoot in ‘sand dunes’

Loved recipe for this shoot that could be easily sand dunes or desert a like engagement shoot: discover

K+K | Pregnancy photoshoot

Short spontaneous pregnancy / love photoshoot. – — – Spontaanne beebiootuse

Pulmaajakiri 2016, wedding magazine Unistuste pulmad

Thank you AnneStiil for publishing my work 3rd year in a row. This time in contains 3 fabulous weddings I shot

A+A out for serious winter

Couple shoot, winter vibe over wet clothes.. – — – Kaotuseks märjad riided, võiduks suur sõõm

Year 2015 – in and between

Look-back to year 2015. Important and deeply personal stuff that keep everything else together. – —

Inna & Meelis | Taking all in | Wedding photographer Piemonte Italy

Italian feeling. Took all in and never wanted to leave. Small intimate wedding in Piemonte county in

Maarja & Martin | Full moon night at Leigo

Please, rock on… please… –  

Irene & Tore | Brave at 643 meters | Norway wedding photographer

I&T were kind to ask me to join their families and to document their heart-warming day in Bergen, Norway.

Mari-Liis & Rene | Summer chill

One thing leads to another.. a couple I met as guests in wedding I shot last year in Italy.. well, here they

Reelika & Alar | Home farm wedding

‘I know sometimes less is more. Even in words. But if the feeling is so intense and needs to come out

Kelli & Mart wedding | Cuisine dream at Põhjaka manor

Ah I was happy to shoot K&M celebration at Põhjaka manor which is known by its authentic food and relaxed

Laura & Jonathan | Saaremaa island wedding

The best dance moves ever. Period. – — –   –

Make it up to you

I’m having the busiest summer ever shooting weddings every week and some twice a week. Trying to enjoy summer

Jannika & Raul | Young & beautiful

This is the new generation. Wedding gown: Hanna Korsar –  

Lost in industrial adventure

We got lost in abandoned industrial areas with this adventurous couple Ülane & Siim. Climbed on one of the

Deep breath of spring love

Took a deep breath of fresh spring air with this cool couple at primeval valley of Ahja river. In folk language


Despite the fact that I’ve always added prints to every shoot I’ve delivered, still continued to

Published: wedding magazine 2nd issue

Three wedding stories and numerous detail shots from different other weddings published in second issue of

London vibe in fast-foward

Snapped few within a day in January in London. Mhm. 123456789 –    

Karin A.

Karin A. from last November. –  

Ostuni wedding photography workshop | Masseria Montenapoleone, Apulia, Italy

It took me couple of months to pull the trigger for a photography workshop that looked so tempting because of world

Triin & Ervin | Barn wedding

Beautiful day, fun people! Barn wedding from last summer. –  

Highlights of 2014 (and some before)

Couple months ago I had a good reason to put together short wedding highlights

Smok’n good photographers

I had honour to be chosen to shoot Sandra & Rasmus beloved session. They are both talented photographers so

New life

I have limited family shoots only for closer friends and families. This shoot turned out special for us as it

Inger & Keit | Kihnu island wedding

Photographing Inger & Keit wedding was spectacular for me in many ways. First we met last year because

Can’t get enough of mountains

No, I just can’t get enough. Coming from a country that is more or less flat, I am always fascinated by

Antonella & Andrea | Alberobello, Italy

Teaser from 4-days wedding photography workshop I participated nearby Ostuni, Italy. I wrote about this

Liana & Imre | Open-heartedness

Liana & Imre & all in their families are such genuine and open-hearted people, so was their wedding.

Merlin & Toomas-Tõnu | Dream & love at idyllic Ruhe restaurant

The sea was calm and the evening spent in stylish Ruhe was nothing but perfect.   Dress: Kaidi Kuur;

Karola & Karl | In backyard of Laulasmaa beach

After ceremony in the woods and some eating and relaxing in the backyard, we all took short walk to witness

V & M | Leigo lakes

Laid-back wedding at Leigo lakes. I let images do the talking. – — – Mõnusalt ja pingevabalt

Marlena & Kevin | Cozy and intimate at Bavarian Alps

Starting as innocent and insignificant habit of taking snapshots, I can’t belive where this

Next six awesome weddings waiting in line…

… to be blogged. Random frames. Unfortunately I haven’t been active by showing new stuff due extremely

Teele & Mihkel | Goal-goal-goal!

Asking about the title of this post – because groom is successful soccer player! He just scored

Liina & David | Bröllop!

Swedish groom exchanged vows in Estonian, bride’s mother language. Dedication is the name of

Awaiting. Teaser.

Frame from wedding in Bavaria, Germany. – — – Kaader Baierimaal toimunud

Piret & Daniel | Into the sun in Tuscany

In May Piret & Daniel gave me wonderful opportunity to look around in beautiful Tuscany and shoot their

Flashbacks from Tuscany & Florence

Some travel frames besides to wedding that I shot in Italy. – — – Mõned isiklikud mälupildid

Soon to be three

Kristina was wedding planner at Alena&Dmitry’s wedding, we had a good talk and found many common things we

Alena & Dmitry

Enormously kind people and beautiful day, this is what was all about. –  

Five minutes of fun

Finished another shoot, I instantly called her to put on something on and come out. As shutter button was still

Published: Pulmad magazine

I’ve been published in first issue of new local wedding magazine. – — – Uuest pulmaajakirjast

Anni & Rauno | & Rein the cat

Bow-tied cat and shining grandfather’s historic Lada rebuilt with bare hands by groom. I was sold. Published in:

Kristina & Siim | Less snow, much love

Cold winter day with snow postponed. But love didn’t care. –  

Beauty duo

In July last year I was about to take some fun portraits for Key and Piret who are behind Memory Makers. But

Just thank you, 2013

I’ve come to a point where everything starts making sense more than ever. This is what 2013 did to

Chris & Martin | Wedding

Imagine finding out bride is actually relative of mine! Two weeks after wedding. Doesn’t happen every day. Ohh,

Kairit & Olle-Hendrik | Said yes

Could photograph them forever. Period. As you can see from the numbers of frames added into this post… and I was

Back to basics

A fun portrait shoot with two photographers Merle & Kadri. Maybe in a way you wouldn’t expect from

365 days later

Wedding splitted into two parts, reception took place 365 days later. Didn’t want to leave from there.

Angelina & Daniel | Oh yes!

These guys know how to party. Hell yes! Best wishes to Australia! — – —

Elisa & Karl | Wedding under the stars

I did arrange half of my summer’s timetable around this wedding, drove 1400 km round-trip and it took 3


This guy turned four. He’s the best teacher I ever had. Remembering what’s really important in

Countryside love

Real people, real thing. Love. – Style: Memory Makers | MUAH: Kerstin Koort  

Mirjam & Tõnis | Wedding

Few frames from fun wedding took place back in July. Wedding planner: AGT Stuudio  

My København

Few frames from days we spent in June in Copenhagen. – — –

A story of Even

A brand-new boy called Even was born last week. These are frames how parents celebrated his arrival. By awesome

Liina & Drew | Beautiful barn wedding

No words for Liina & Drew’s wedding. Everything was just so perfect. In these moments I think how do I

Last 4 weeks

… I’ve kept myself busy in shooting weddings and beloved sessions that I’m excited to share as soon

Tea time

Few outtakes from beautiful family shoot. Set-up by crazy good Memory Makers. ps. Orange-pink dress by Hanna

Spring romance

Bright sun peeping from behind fresh white clouds and smell of emerging snowdrops – a taste of early spring and

We are so Tartuish | Morning theme of Marii & Eddy

Marii will leave home soon to marry man of her dreams and first thing I did, I looked for some locations for their

Joanna & Jaan | Winter dream in Kaberneeme

A quiet day at sleepy harbour of Kaberneeme became a winter wonderland when suddenly it started snowing.

Baltic Photo Contest 2013

Well, I’m bit confused and shocked because of what happened couple of days ago on award ceremony of Baltic Photo

Maarja & Pärt | Wedding

Freezing cold out there but M&P with their sincerity made hearts melt. – – – Külm. Kuid M&P

Eilika | Fisherman’s daughter

Eilika is an amazing girl. You can’t name a country where she hasn’t travelled. But still she founds home

Marjaleena & Enar | Wedding

House of Blackheads in historic old town Tallinn & Swissotel. It was a good day. – Dress: Hanna Korsar |

Monika & Rene | Magic fall wedding

It’s rare to see rainbow in October. But that’s what happened just right after intimate ceremony at Oru

The launch

Welcome to my new blog and my-first-time-ever-portfolio called galleries! Blog is a great way to share but I never